"Amy is a creative visionary"

"I wanted to start my own line of cosmetics and was working on the idea off and on for a while. I could so clearly see it in my head, but it was difficult to put down on paper. Amy offered to help me and I showed up at her door with my notes and idea book. In less than a day, I walked away with the exact vision for my brand, crystallized in a tangible presentation that was not only gorgeous, but concise, informative and thoughtful. She worked with me and in a very collaborative way to bring my vision to life. She is also incredibly down to earth, funny and likable, which made the process enjoyable. 
Amy has is a creative visionary. She’s completely tapped into the “creative flow” and is always miles ahead of her contemporaries. Her gifts come to her naturally and she loves to create and share with others. Anyone that gets the chance to work with Amy is beyond lucky!” 

-Tracy Murphy, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Founder Lash Star Beauty, www.lashstarbeauty.com

"Amy’s overview and direction each step of the way was priceless"

“When I engaged Amy Demas to help me get my brand message right, I was at a total loss. In my private practice, I was at full capacity because my clients referred me and I had no need to market.  However, when it came to selling products online to customers who didn’t know me, sales were Zippo!  

I realized I had no clue how to market my goods in any way.  So, I started buying different online courses and after almost a year I recognized I had no idea what to do with all the information I had gathered. Thousands of dollars later and no clearer than when I started, I reached out to Amy.  

I am someone who needs a hands-on process, patient inquiry, laughter, lunch together and to be lead. Amy came in and immediately understood where to direct my messaging after our first session. I experienced an instantaneous shift in clarity and right away produced new packages to market. My customers now know exactly what I do and how it can serve them. Amy’s overview and direction each step of the way was priceless.

I enrolled in her Intensive package because I was done spending money on impersonal courses and was ready to invest in what I really needed which was the personal touch with a true expert, not a download from a brilliantly marketed ‘thought leader or self-proclaimed expert’.  

Amy’s exceptional synergy of instinct, beauty, nuance and uncanny pulse on what the customer wants makes her a master. There is no one better out there who cares as much in the success of her clients.”

-Heather Hayward, Immersive Experience Leader, www.heatherhayward.com

“Amy is an inviting visionary who brings beauty and life to ideas you might not have ever thought of. Her commitment, beauty, kindness and expertise are always present.She is a diamond in our industry. It is an honor to work with her.”

–Sarah Gore Reeves, Stylist & Editorial Fashion Director, www.sarahgorereeves.com

“Amy is a highly versatile creative and strategic partner who has a remarkable ability to help brands convey a compelling narrative that delivers ROI. Amy never loses sight of the strategic undertones required to create and generate content that drives measurable results. Her terrific sense of what is culturally relevant allows her to push ideas and to offer alternative ways of thinking through problems that often feels refreshingly uncomfortable.”

–Serena Saitas, Founder, REAL Insights & Strategy, www.realinsight.nyc


"If your business needs fresh thinking and a dose of relevance, under Amy's guidance, anything is possible."

"Amy Demas is an incredible thought partner who is strategic, collaborative, innovative and immensely creative. Her ideas will bring your strategy to life while defining an enduring brand language. I have always enjoyed working with Amy because she brings her passion to every assignment but always epitomizes grace under pressure. If your business needs fresh thinking and a dose of relevance, under Amy's guidance, anything is possible."

-Loie Maxwell, VP Creative, Cartoon Network

"Do yourself a favor and tap into this wonderful circuitry of creativity, ambition and expertise."

Amy came in and just tackled everything. She broke down the visual collateral I needed into bite sized chunks so it didn’t feel overwhelming. She was there at every step of the way, was super accessible and was so focused and assured about the vision. It was a huge relief. I’ve never met anyone with such profound brand vision and clarity who is as pleasant to work with. Do yourself a favor and tap into this wonderful circuitry of creativity, ambition and expertise. It’s time and money well spent.”

- Fiona Stiles, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Founder of Reed Clarke , www.shopreedclarke.com

 “Amy is an incredibly bright visionary--a creative businesswoman who uses her left and right brains equally--rare in this business! Smart, driven, and results focused while simultaneously seeking out the new and the fresh, Amy is an influencer and a leader. She is passionate, creatively and strategically articulate and customer focused.”

- Elizabeth Kiester, VP Creative Design Victoria's Secret Beauty

“Your help, knowledge and expertise was and is priceless.  I can't tell you the confidence you gave us after working with you. The feeling of being so crystal clear on our brand and product direction is amazing!  It's worth every penny spent.”

-Jean Shum, Co-Founder of Jean & Joan

"For us as a start-up to be able to leverage Amy’s expertise and years of experience in retail was priceless."

"My partner and I had a very important meeting with an angel investor.  In the beginning, we kind of had an idea of what our brand was about but after working with Amy, we knew exactly what our brand was about. Her invaluable insights and understanding of the retail landscape along with her creative vision gave us the ammunition we needed to rock our presentation with confidence, which resulted in an investment. For us as a start-up to be able to leverage Amy’s expertise and years of experience in retail was priceless."  Thank you, Amy!

-Jean Shum Co-Founder of Jean & Joan

"She's a Pro!!!"

“Little did I know when I needed help putting words and design to my thoughts, that this extraordinary woman named Amy Demas would've revealed herself at the time I'd need her the most. Like a whisperer of sorts she listened, distilled and brought life to a vision that had been floating in my mind at 30,000 feet that now has a much better chance of being understood than before we met. If you don't know your brand, think you know but are willing to flex, call Amy and let her lead and lighten your load. She's a PRO!!!”

-Ron Armstrong Founder of Dance and Tell